This week (or so) in Harry’s Place Arts

Well, the Junkbox Jury Grand Finalhas just gone up, presenting the three CDs pulled from the junkboxes of London’s record shops, scrutinised here, pitted against many others, and made it to the final. So, give the tunes a listen and vote for the Junkbox Jury champion!

Also in ARTS: A discussion about the resurgence in the popularity of zombie movies, a farewell to King of the Hill, a review of the new album by The Cure, and feature on popular songs about money, not love.

We also have a review of the new stage play based on Frank Zappa’s concept album Joe’s Garage, dealing with sex, religion and freedom of expression.

We also pose the question: If you are thinking of buying Guitar Hero, why not buy, for less money, an acoustic guitar and “how to play” books.

There are also short tributes to the late Miriam Makeba and Mitch Mitchell.

Finally, the new video by London band Sugarmonkey and news of an up-coming charity gig for a worthy cause: Pilgrim’s Hospices.

Oh, wait… and hot of the virtual press… Joe Muggs reports back from a gig by Tel Aviv garage rock power trio Monotonix.

All in the Harry’s Place ARTS section.