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BNP White History Month: Touring Exhibition

You’ll have read the recent post on the BNP’s “White History Month“.

Perhaps the most outrageous aspect of this carnival of bigotry and hatred is a touring exhibition, entitled “From Africa to Britain: Slavery and Apartheid”. The “slavery” and “Apartheid” that the BNP is talking about is, apparently, the enslavement of “whites” by “blacks”, and the imposition of what they describe as an “apartheid system” that the BNP claims is

“operating from Cape Town to Cairo, Bulawayo to Brixton”

The BNP’s thesis is that black people have “learnt the lesson of their own oppression” and are “exercising their terrible vengance on white folk”.

The exhibition consists of a series of engravings and photographs from the dark days of European colonial history, juxtaposed with scenes from the contemporary period, that the BNP present as equivalent in scale and nature. On one stand, there is a photograph of the massacre by King Leopold of Belgium’s men, of millions of Congolese. The BNP contrast it with the murder of PC Keith Blakelock on Broadwater Farm. Another exhibit shows a slave market in colonial Virginia, juxtaposed with a photograph of a black pimp with a white prostitute. Yet another display attempts to draw equivalence between the denial of political rights to black southern Africans, and what the BNP describe as “no go areas for whites in most of our British cities”. A video presentation at the end of the exhibition features a Zimbabwean who “apologises” to Britain “for what my black race is doing to white people”.

The handout that accompanies the exhibition states:

“Blacks are carrying out a slow genocide against the white race (aided and abetted by the Jews who control America). The BNP alone has the courage to speak truth to power. We will not be silenced. Criticism of black crimes is not, as such, racist. Blacks misuse the memory of slavery to justify their new crimes, all over the world.” 

What is particularly galling about this exhibition, is that it is being hosted by the Students Union of Poplar City Technology College, and is being subsidised not just by that union, but also by the UCU. Poplar is a stronghold of the BNP – but the UCU? How did they end up underwriting this hate-fest? Why isn’t anybody speaking out against this?

The British National Party has hit a new low with this exhibition. What sort of scum taunts black people with their own slaughter and enslavement, in order to make such a demagogic political point?