Obama,  Uncle Tom Watch

Uncle Tom Watch

Today, I’m launching a new Harry’s Place feature. All you have to do is to spot nominally Left wing or progressive people, who nevertheless use the offensive and racist phrase “Uncle Tom” to refer to the President Elect, Barack Obama.

Our first spot is the self-regarding Jew, Tony Greenstein:

“Obama is what used to be know [sic] of as an Uncle Tom”

Well done Tony, you arse!

To celebrate our first entrant, here is Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys singing “There’s No One as Irish as Barack Obama:

(which bears a passing similarity to the Protestant song, the Auld Orange Flute, rendered here by The Clancy Brothers from Southern Ireland):

Tim in the comments draws our attention to Ralph Nader using the same racist phrase, and being called on it by … Fox News. The shame!

Oh, and John Pilger, of course.