She’s a diamond ain’t she, the Old Queen Mum?

Edward Stourton, presenter of the BBC’s morning radio Programme “Today” (Beloved of just about everybody in the UK who gets up before 9am; except myself) has joined the list of BBC presenters criticising “national treasures” by suggesting that the late Queen Mother once said to him (off the record) about the EEC:

“It will never work, you know . . . It will never work with all those Huns, wops and dagos.”

I’ll leave aside the idea  that Stourton may have “remembered” this incident in order to drum up interest in his new book on Political Correctness (or the contention that even aristocrats like to “epater le BBC” at times) but I can’t be the only HP reader who occasionally comes into contact with members of an older generation whose views on racism were formed in very different times. I tend to gently argue with them – what about you?