Nutters: “We’re Already Disappointed by Obama”

You’ll remember “The Colo[u]r Purple” author, Alice Walker’s weird and disturbing endorsement of Obama, in which she compared the centrist liberal to Fidel Castro:

However poor the Cubans might be, I realised, they cared about each other and they had a leader who loved them. A leader who loved them. Imagine. A leader not afraid to be out in the streets with them, a leader not ashamed to show himself as troubled and humbled as they were. A leader who would not leave them to wonder and worry alone, but would stand with them, walk with them, celebrate with them – whatever the parade might be.

This is what I want for our country, more than anything. I want a leader who can love us.

Well, she’s already started to gripe. Her main problem, so it seems, is that Obama has said that the US “will pursue al-Qaeda in the hills of Pakistan, find Osama bin Laden and “kill” him.”

Each time Mr Obama has said “we will kill” Osama bin Laden I have felt a testing of my confidence in his moral leadership. And I support him, and demonstrated that support, to the very limits of my finances and my strength. Could it be that, like millions of children around the globe, who are taught “Thou shalt not kill”, I am reacting with disappointment and shock to someone blatantly declaring their intention to kill a specific person?

This could be it. In a Christian nation, this is what most of us learn. And even if we cease to call ourselves Christians, the notion of non-killing is hard-wired in us. We are not likely to accept the “killer” (even if the killing is done in our defence) with the same open-heartedness and lack of fear that we might have for someone who has not declared for murder.

Uh huh.

She continues:

[W]e have to think of what we are teaching the youth of the planet. And it is through language that we can help them to grow into the responsible world citizens of our dreams. Mr Obama quite often says “We’ll ‘take out’ Osama bin Laden” and this is far better than saying “We will kill him”. It is a metaphor. The very, very young will not even get it, hopefully. But to announce “We will kill him” leaves no doubt.

Unfortunately this conjures up nightmares of murderous possibilities in old and young alike: not a good thing to have on one’s mind and conscience. Of course there are “tough” guys and gals for whom the spectacle of bin Laden’s destruction (and all the women, children and old folks who are bound to be living around him – and his nurses, because somebody has to handle his dialysis machine) will be an entertainment. But for most people, and especially for the women and the young who are Mr Obama’s most ardent supporters, this will not be the case.


There is also the black man factor. For many, finally getting to know a black man in all his glory is the high point of their education as American citizens. However, there lingers in the collective psyche a very carefully planted fear of same; that he is vicious, that he is mean, that he is… a killer. This, I think, is not to be shrugged off …

Oh, just fuck off!

To the surprise of both Mr McCain and Mr Obama, apparently, millions of people in the world don’t believe that Osama bin Laden bombed the twin towers and the Pentagon. 

Troofer Alert!!! Break out the tin foil hats!!!!! 

I want nutters like Alice Walker to be disappointed by Obama.