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Statement from the Green Party in reply to Tony Gosling article

Statement from Peter Tatchell, the Green Party’s human rights spokesperson, in reply to the Harry’s Place article featuring Tony Gosling:

In response to the banning of school books with gay characters, Tony Gosling was reported in Muslim News as saying that he was “personally disgusted by the books. No way should kids be indoctrinated in this way. Anyone who says so is branded as homophobic, which they are not; it’s the gay mafia in full swing.”

His anti-gay stance is disowned by the Green Party. It is right that pupils should have an awareness and understanding of others who are different from them. These books are not about sex. They help promote tolerance, which is a good thing.

The Green Party supports legal and social equality for all persons, regardless of age, race, gender, faith, disability, and sexuality.

Recognising the prejudice often experienced by Muslim people and gay people, we campaign for a society where people of all beliefs and sexual orientations can live together in harmony and equality, with respect and dignity. The equal human rights of people everywhere are our priority.

The Green Party does not tolerate prejudice of any kind, by any person. The remarks made by Mr. Gosling are the subject of an internal Green Party investigation and, if confirmed, will result in disciplinary action.

Peter Tatchell
Green Party Spokesperson for Human Rights