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Nader and Cockburn vs. Obama

As he has in the past, blogger Adam Holland provides a useful reminder of what some figures on the anti-Israel Left think of Barack Obama and his support for Israel.

Third-party candidate Ralph Nader accuses Obama of “antisemitism against the Arab peoples.” (He invokes the old “Arabs are semites too” wheeze.)

Longtime Israel-basher, Counterpunch editor and Nation magazine columnist Alexander Cockburn has of course come out against Obama too, largely as a result of the candidate’s friendly attitude to Israel.

Although his entire Nation piece isn’t available for free on online, Cockburn writes that Obama “has groveled before the Israel lobby…”

He adds:

I suggest you go to the website of the Nader-Gonzalez campaign and read its platform, particularly on popular participation and initiative. Or read the portions of Libertarian Bob Barr’s platform on foreign policy and constitutional rights. Cynthia McKinney is now making nutty claims about 5,000 post-Katrina executions; otherwise I’d include her. Do you really want to be on the same side as Alan Dershowitz, Colin Powell and Christopher Hitchens?

As many disagreements as I’ve had with them over the years– and considering the alternatives of, on the one hand, being on the side of Nader and Cockburn or, on the other hand, being on the side of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, to name just a few– I think I can handle that for now.