Bunny girls are gateway to depravity

Other authors on this blog have been critical of the ubiquity of the Playboy symbol appearing as a fashion statement for younger girls. Concern about that issue is within the bounds of rational thought. I’m not so sure about this statement by Theo Hobson:

We ought to have learned by now that combining sex with ironic fun is dodgy. Anyone who fails to see a connection between Playboy bunny girls and paedophilia is culpably blind.

Am I alone in thinking any connection between bunny girls and paedophilia is absurd? Paedophiles have a predilection for prepubescent children, not fully grown women dressed as bunnies. Only someone culpably blind would view a connection between a bunny girl and paedophilia.

(via David Thompson who takes Hobson to task over his comments on James Bond, which are somewhat undermined by the fact that Bond is increasingly desisting from bedding women indiscriminately.)