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The Labour Government and the Holocaust Denier

This country is presently holding Fredrick Tobin in a prison cell, pending extradition to Germany, which proposes to put him on trial for Holocaust denial. He should not be there.

Fredrick Tobin would be much more comfortable, standing on a platform alongside Sheikh Yasir Qadhi  at this weekend’s Global Peace and Unity Event.

However, the Sheikh will not be standing alone. He will be joined by a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, an exhorter of the suicide murder of Sir Salman Rushdie, some Hamas supporters, a washed up Trotskyite,  two Jacksons – one of whom sings, and the other of whom rants about “Zionist Control” – and a man who has preached the sanctity of wife beating.

This motley crew will also be graced with the presence of a number of Labour grandees, including Stephen Timms MP. As far as I can tell, there will also be some Tories for good measure.

How can a Government lock up Holocaust Deniers and inciters of terrorism, while standing on a platform with men like these?