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Fake Virginia and real America

After seeing videos of the disgusting and racist behavior by some McCain-Palin supporters waiting to attend their rallies, this is something of a relief.

That’s right. Outside a McCain rally in Woodbridge, Virginia (unfortunately not the real Virginia, but you take was you can get), a handful of McCain supporters tried to stir up anti-Muslim feeling against Barack Obama. They were confronted by Muslim McCain supporters (you find such people in fake Virginia) and others, and slinked away.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Sarah Palin’s comments about how certain parts of the United States are “the real America” and “pro-America,” Jon Stewart provides a helpful mathematical formula to determine what part of America you live in and a quiz to determine just what kind of American you are. (I didn’t do so well.)

More seriously, Joe Biden pointed out that Americans from every part of the country, big cities and small towns, have fought and died for America: “It doesn’t matter where you live. We all love this country.”

What’s ironic is that when Palin was rhapsodizing about “being here with all of you hard-working, very patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation,” she was in Greensboro, North Carolina. As it happens, Greensboro (the home of my sister and her family and a place I’ve visited many times) is the largest city in Guilford County– which bucked the statewide trend in 2004 by voting narrowly for John Kerry over George Bush. So perhaps Greensboro’s pro-American credentials aren’t quite as solid as Palin thinks.

Update: If you can’t access Jon Stewart above, try here and here.

(Hat tip: King Creole.)