Iraqi LGBT/OutRage! report:

The Baghdad coordinator of Iraqi LGBT was assassinated earlier this week, according to reports received in London yesterday by Iraqi LGBT and OutRage!

The exact identity of the gunmen is unclear, but he was probably murdered by the Islamist death squads who are targeting lesbian and gay Iraqis for “sexual cleansing.”

Peter Tatchell of the UK LGBT human rights group OutRage! said:

“On 25 September, I received the sad news from Iraq that the coordinator of Iraqi LGBT in Baghdad, Bashar, aged 27, a university student, was assassinated in a barber shop.

“Militias burst in and sprayed his body with bullets at point blank range.

“He was the organiser of the safe houses for gays and lesbians in Baghdad.  His efforts saved the lives of dozens of people. “Bashar was a kind, generous and extremely brave young man – a true hero who put his life on the line to save the lives of others.

“My thoughts go out to his loved ones and to the other members of Iraqi LGBT.

“Their courage is an inspiration to all people everywhere fighting against tyranny and injustice,” said Mr Tatchell.

Here’s a short documentary on this depressing subject: