This week in Harry’s Place Arts

Well, here is the regular Friday update of what’s gone up on the ARTS blog. It’s the second Junkbox Jury semi-final and four bands are up with a new selection of tracks. One of the bands is rumoured to be a pseudonym for Aphex Twin, for those for whom this means something.

So, what else has happened this week? Well, sadly we said farewell to two great figures in the music world: Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright and legendary Motown songwriter/producer Norman Whitfield.

Brett tells Sir Clifford of Richard that if he wants another chart-topper this decade, he should get a decent song and a decent producer.

There’s also a story about the world’s largest record collection which is up for sale. If you have $3 million and a very big garage (like maybe a bus depot) you should consider buying it.

Should journalists use Twitter to witter away about the news? This question is asked.

Joe Muggs reports that the genius Stephin Merritt is to have a shoe named after him. David T fears that, despite his admiration for Merritt, such shoes would make him look like a clown. Indeed, this would disrupt the solemnity of having one’s lute restrung of a Saturday morning.

The esteemed Mr Muggs is putting the finishing touches to a new post on “non-classical music” (that’s all that could be drawn out of him) which he hopes to have posted later this afternoon.

So, that’s what’s been going down in Harry’s Place ARTS …