Clearing your desk

We all know that readers of Harry’s Place, and other left wing blogs, are obviously hard-working members of the proletariat who spend their days working in the fields, at lathes, mining, or engaged in other industrial toil. At night they have to scrub the oil out from their fingernails. For example, not a lot of people know this, but Sunny Hundal fixes combine harvesters in Dorset, Chris Dillow spends his nights packing the bits you need to assemble flat-packed furniture into small plastic bags for a large furniture chain, and Shuggy rounds up recalcitrant and wayward sheep.

However, on the off-chance that there are some middle class people here who spend a proportion of their time moving paper along a desk, or pixels along a monitor, what would you take from your desk if you were made redundant?

The BBC asked. Here’s a one of the responses:

10 weeks ago on my redundancy I took: 1. All my personal bits & pieces. 2. As much of the stationary cupboard as I could pour into my large cardboard box. 3. Several DVD’s of data & client info. 4. As many of the data wall-charts (£1200 each) as I could fold up and put in my cardboard box. 5. My company laptop that I just happened to have left at home the previous week. 5. Anything else that wasn’t bolted down in my office. 6. Oh, and a smug smile on my face.