Freedom of Expression

Hurrah for the Guardian!

Matthias Rath claims that his special brand of vitamins and minerals and minerals could cure AIDS and that proper, medically tested treatments were ‘toxic’ and ‘dangerous’. He peddled this dangerous nonsense in South Africa, where the level of HIV infection is desperately high.

The Guardian’s excellent Ben Goldacre called Matthias Rath on this dangerous quackery. Rath sued for libel.

Today, the Guardian reports that the case against them has collapsed, and the charlatan, Rath, has been ordered to pay costs.

Rath’s reputation is in utter tatters, as well it should be. The Guardian deserves congratulating for unmasking him.

PS: Goldacre’s piece on the use of libel law by other, equally phony, “nutritional therapists” is also worth reading.