Lauren Booth in Gaza

Lauren Booth is a woman who has devoted her life to embarrassing her brother in law, Tony Blair.

You will remember that Booth recently arrived in Gaza by boat. The boat sailed away without her. Having failed to tell either Egypt or Israel that she was coming, she has encountered some difficulties in returning to England.

Here is an interview that she gave to the Israeli newspaper, Ynet:

When asked about Israel’s right to respond to incessant attacks emanating from Gaza, Booth evoked Holocaust-related rhetoric. “There is no right to punish people this way. There is no justification for this kind of collective punishment. You were in the concentration camps, and I can’t believe that you are allowing the creation of such a camp yourselves.”

“The Palestinians’ suffering is physical, mental and emotional,” she went on, “there is not a family here in which someone is not in desperate need of work, shelter or food. This is a humanitarian crisis on the scale of Darfur.

Here is a photograph of Lauren Booth, in a shop in Gaza, on 3 September:


Here she is again:


Another snap of Lauren Booth in Gaza:


And here she is meeting Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh, who presents her with a special Hamastan “diplomatic passport”:


Very much like a Nazi concentration camp, or Darfur, I think you’ll agree.




Here is Lauren Booth being interviewed by George Galloway. She explains why Gaza is a “Concentration Camp”, not a “prison”.