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This week, Brett finds a rare unreleased EP of Bob Dylan’s 1963 Carnegie Hall concertand shops on iTunes for another EP by four of our Members of Parliament – a cross-party Westminster bandcalling themselves MP4 and dishing up some very passable pop, blues and soul music. But, are they too enamoured with Feargul Sharkey and the BMR to stand up to the nonsensical new copyright laws?

David T promos Alan Denney’s fantastic photo set of Stoke Newington life, 1978 to the present

Celluloid thinks critics are snobs. “Without wishing to be seen as adult with the mentality of a 12-year-old, might I suggest that someone who cannot extract some meaning from The Dark Knight, or even Hellboy II, is struggling intellectually?” he argues.

Joe Muggs presents a series of photos of street art from Odessa, adds to the dumb critics debate, and presents a series of one-liner record reviews.

And of course, there’s a new Friday Junkbox Jury. This week featuring three bands: The Apex Theory, Darling, and The Mountaineers. We have a new polling system installed, so now it is easy to vote for the best track from these bands salvaged from the bargain bins and junk shops.

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