This week in Harry’s Place Arts

Well, it’s been a rather disrupted week, so there hasn’t been much happeningt in teh ARTS section, but there is a great piece by K B Player about “the other” Elizabeth Taylor, the novelist. Virago is re-issuing six novels, but  The Soul of Kindness, laments K B Player, is not one of them.

Brett uncovers a bizzare claim from an old Daily Mirror about a hot new combo called The Beatles:

The Beatles are whacky. They wear their hair like a mop – but it’s WASHED, it’s super clean. So is their fresh young act. They don’t have to rely on off-colour jokes about homos for their fun.

And, it being Friday, there’s a new Junkbox Jury. Three new tunes need judging.

All in Harry’s Place ARTS.