Cluelessness on Venezuelan state TV

After Hugo Chavez’s government refused to renew the broadcast license of the opposition television station RCTV last year, it replaced RCTV’s signal with that of a new government-controlled station called TVes.

TVes has been broadcasting the Beijing Olympics in Venezuela. Here’s a sample:

That’s right. The announcer said that Michael Phelps competed in the 1972 Munich Olympics, presided over by Adolf Hitler, who refused to give Phelps his medals. It seems Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz, Jesse Owens, 1972, 1936, Munich and Berlin all became jumbled together in his head and he couldn’t sort them out.

Is it possible that hiring of sports announcers at TVes is based more on politics and favoritism than on competence and basic knowledge of sports history?

(Hat tip: Daniel Duquenal.)