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Once more into the “Cesspool”

Blogger Adam Holland has more about the white-supremacist, antisemitic radio program “The Political Cesspool” and its creepy host James Edwards.

As I noted previously, the program has recently hosted Obama Nation author Jerome Corsi. A full list of guests appears here. (Joe Terry of Danny and the Juniors? Carl Giammarese, lead singer of the Buckinghams? Gary Puckett, lead singer of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap?) Perhaps some of them didn’t know the nature of the program when they agreed to appear, but I suspect the vast majority (e.g., Nick Griffin, Prussian Blue) did.

Edwards is promoting an upcoming appearance by the infamous David Irving (“a survivor of the Jewish Holocaust against free speech”) at the [yes] Prattville Holiday Inn in Alabama. Most sickening of all, he has appropriated a video of Bruce Springsteen performing the Jew Bob Dylan’s “Chimes of Freedom” to honor imprisoned German Holocaust denier and Hitler-lover Ernst Zundel.

Update: I noticed that another of the “Cesspool’s” guests was the pro-secessionist Kirkpatrick Sale, a frequent contributor to Counterpunch and a contributing editor of The Nation. Of course I don’t expect any better from Counterpunch, but The Nation has some credibility on the Left. What will it take to get him removed from their masthead?