Kate and John and the rest explain it all to you

From a post at the Socialist Unity blog:


Friends Meeting House (Small Hall)
173 Euston Road London NW1 2BJ
6.30 pm, Thursday 14 August, 2008


MARK ALMOND, lecturer in History, Oxford University and expert on the Caucasus

KATE HUDSON, Chair of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

BORIS KAGARLITSKI, former director Institute of Globalisation Studies, Moscow and author of, ˜Empire of the Periphery: Russia and the World System”

JOHN REES, Officer of Stop the War Coalition and author of ˜Imperialism and Resistance”

The outbreak of war in Georgia is already a disaster for the people of the region. It risks being turned into a still broader problem by Dick Cheney’s threats. The conflict is in large measure the product of George Bush’s policy of US global hegemony, in the Caucasus as in the Middle East. Attempts to extend NATO eastwards, specifically incorporating Georgia, directly challenge Russian interests. Please come to the meeting to discuss this latest flashpoint in an increasingly dangerous world and forward this message to your contacts.

I know nothing about Mark Almond or Boris Kagarlitski, but I hope they will provide a more nuanced take on the recent events than the above summary suggests. Hudson and Rees surely won’t.