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Orwellian Blog

It’s worth noting that George Orwell’s diaries are being published in blog format at The Orwell Prize.

Running until 1942 the diaries cover the start of the Second World War as well as Orwell’s own travels to Morocco following the illness and injuries he sustained while fighting in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War.

His political musings, which begin on September 8 1938, give a unique insight into Orwell’s views on communism, fascism and the press.

“Today’s” entry is more mundane, although the ophidiophobians amongst you may disagree:

This morning all surfaces, even indoors, damp as a result of mist. A curious deposit all over my snuff-box, evidently residue of moisture acting on lacquer.

Very hot, but rain in afternoon.

Am told the men caught another snake this morning – definitely a grass snake this time. The man who saw them said they had tied a string round its neck & were trying to cut out its tongue with a knife, the idea being that after this it could not “sting.”

The first Beauty of Bath apples today.