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This week in Harry’s Place Arts

Well, since it’s Friday, there’s a new Junkbox Jury, with twotracks each from CDs fished out of the clearance bins and awaiting your re-evaluation. We’re installed some streaming music technology, and it makes its debut here.

 Also, we have Joe Muggs on the “flurry of interest”  and the “self-outing” of the elusive Burial, after his Mercury Award nomination. The tabloids have been particularly interested in the identity of this bloke from South London who just makes tunes and eschews celebrity.

Should director James Marsh have ignored the fate of the Twin Towers on 9/11 in his documentary film – now on circuit – about Philippe Petit? There still room for debate.

Who else would offer up “rampant hallucinogenic cross-dressing orientalism in Spanish” for your consideration? And ‘rave’ as religion?

So, in-between arguing about politics, rant about culture in our ARTS section.