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“Within 20 Years Muslims Will become the Majority in Europe”

Who is making this hysterical claim?

The most important thing is that there are 25-30 million Muslims in Europe. This figure has many implications…The Muslims keep having children, while the Europeans don’t. This means that within 20 years, the Muslims will be a majority, which may have an exceptional influence on the decision-making.

Is it Bat Yeor? Is it Daniel Pipes? Is it Melanie Phillips? No, it is the charismatic Egyptian preacher Amr Khaled:

Amr Khaled’s argument  appears to be this. Europe is preparing itself for the expulsion of Muslims. The MoToons affair was part of Europe’s preparation for this act. Therefore, he recommends, Muslims should refuse to be provoked, and instead should demonstrate that they are ” respectable and successful”. That, suggests Amr Khaled, will “abolish the plan” to expel Muslims from Europe. Then, he continues, Muslims will only need a further ten years in Europe to become “firmly established”.

Amr Khaled was one of the moderate preachers whose assistance the Government sought, in order to counter jihadism in Britain. He is one of the speakers promoted by the Home Office and FCO backed project, the Radical Middle Way: which also promotes speakers from the far right Muslim Public Affairs Committee.

These are the foundations upon which the Government seeks to counter Islamist radicalisation.

The demographic assumption upon which Amr Khaled’s thesis rest are dubious. They assume that birthrate trends continue indefinitely, and that cultural religious groups remain homogenous and unchanged over time. Those are very shaky foundations, in my view.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to hear what a moderate preacher, who is trusted and promoted by our Government, has to say on the subject.