Obama and the older Jewish vote

Sorry if you disagree, but I think this is funny. The bit at the end when the seniors argue with each other is echt-older Jewish.

Best comment: “Why is it relevant whether Obama’s middle name is Hussein or Yankel?”

And to those who complain we’re paying too much attention to Obama and not enough to John McCain, what can I say?

All three cable news networks carried Mr. Obama’s news conference live and in full. They showed only parts of Mr. McCain’s forum and focused mostly on his reaction to Mr. Obama’s statements. Even Fox News broke away from Mr. McCain midevent to cover the rescue of a bear cub wounded in a California fire and nicknamed Lil’ Smokey. [My emphasis]

Update: Obama (and McCain and Clinton) as depicted by certain cartoonists in the Arab world. Thank goodness this one is clearly labeled “Zionist Lobby.” I’d hate for anyone to think it was antisemitic.