A New Start for Demos

Let’s hope that things go better for them.

The Board of Trustees of Demos have appointed Richard Reeves to the role of Director. Richard is a former director of futures at The Work Foundation and has worked as an economics and social affairs journalist for both The Guardian and The Observer. His latest book is John Stuart Mill – Victorian Firebrand, an intellectual biography of the liberal philosopher.
Ed Straw, Chair of Trustees, said: The world, and the political landscape, continue to change in unexpected ways and Demos aims to understand, interpret and influence these changes. Richard Reeves is the person best placed to lead Demos into that new challenge. As Chair of trustees I am delighted with his appointment.”
Richard Reeves said: “I am delighted to be joining Demos, especially at this political moment. There is a tremendous opportunity for a think-tank focused on people power – and one which is intensely political but not party political. Demos has long argued that good societies arise when citizens have the opportunity and power to construct their own version of a good life. Demos has a strong brand and a storied history. I am honoured by the chance to be part of its future.”
Catherine Fieschi said: “I said in the New Statesman that Demos deserves the best, and it has got it. I hugely look forward to working with Richard in a ongoing partnership with Demos.”
Richard takes up his post in September. Catherine Fieschi will continue to work with Demos as a Senior Associate.