Nick Cohen on Libel Threats, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Us

Nick says:

I’ve written many times about how England’s libel laws are the last resort of the scoundrel. It’s not simply that the judiciary allowed Jonathan Aitken, Jeffrey Archer, Robert Maxwell and George Galloway to collect damages, but that they have opened the doors of their court to Saudi billionaires and Ukranian oligharchs wishing to suppress criticism. Moneyed men facing legitimate investigation from all over the world love the English law because it places the burden of proof on the defendant and imposes enormous costs which push publishers into retracting. Now Harry’s Place, which readers ought to know has done more to expose the Islamist far right in Britain, is being sued by a front for Hamas. You may think it can’t claim for defamation because an organisation which repeats the conspiracy theories of Adolf Hitler has no reputation to lose. If you do, you don’t know the English judiciary.
Our litigious friends are also running the Islam Expo, which is in reality not a celebration of British Islam but a rally for the Muslim Brotherhood. They asked me to go along to be ritually denounced and I refused. Martin Bright has now pulled out. But extraordinarily Stephen Timms, a Labour minister, and Demos, a supposedly soft left think tank, still plan to attend. Whenever I point out that the left is going along with the ideas and movements of ultra reaction, establishment figures protest that only the far left is guilty of appeasement. The presence of Timms and Demos at this rally argues against their complacency.

If you have any clout to use, give them a call.

Timms would never speak on a British National Party platform, and Demos would never organise a meeting at the BNP party conference.

Why the difference, where Islamist fascists are concerned?