When in Rome and all that…

The Daily Mail likes stories about Sharia law and angry Islamists, but it’s interesting to examine their readers’ comments on the story of Michelle Palmer, a UK business woman who faces a potential six years in jail for alleged sex on a beach. Perhaps, the Mail readership would welcome a moralising sexually-obsessed religious-based law which is discriminatory towards women (especially “loose” women) in place. Women! Get back in the kitchen and look after your children!

They both deserve what they get, I hope they do make an example of them, behaving like dogs!!
– G, London, 09/7/2008 10:31

Pity we do not have these laws here.
– B Millward, Rotherham, 09/7/2008 10:29

If they are guilty of this behaviour then they have only themselves to blame and serves them right for being so crass. If Ibiza was to introduce such a law then their jails would not be able to cope with the numbers!
– Wendy, Belfast, 9/7/2008 9:31

If only more was done here to enforce such morals. Society would be much better for it.
– Luke, UK, 9/7/2008 9:56

The Daily Mail is little more than a modern-day version of the stocks.