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Phillips v Barnes

I hope that you’re all been following the fight between the columnist Melanie Phillips and the neo-Nazi and BNP functionary, Lee Barnes.

When we last heard from Lee Barnes, he was fighting with Borat look-alike, “Israel Shamir“. Shamir had accused Barnes of being Jewish: a jibe which  he clearly found tremendously upsetting.

A little background. The BNP has been trying to rein in the Jew hatred, because – Nick Griffin says – it makes them look mad and out of touch. Instead, the BNP has taken to pouring their vitriol, generally, on Muslims.

As you might expect, the BNP’s supposed reformation the subject of all things Hebraic has taken in nobody, except a small number of people on the very furthest reaches of the far Left, who imagine there to be a Zionist-BNP alliance. That’s because the BNP genuinely believe that the world is controlled by shadowy Jewish puppetmasters: who invented Communism and Capitalism, and who are trying to use the Negro to dilute the purity of the Aryan Blood. And so on.  

This is the far Right’s theology. Watching the BNP trying to suppress their true views on this subject has been like watching a boy with Tourette’s trying to avoid being thrown out of a public library.

Unfortunately for the BNP, Melanie Phillips dug up a series of posts by Lee Barnes, in which he sketched out a huge anti-Aryan conspiracy, involving Hollywood, the Community Security Trust, and an anti fascist group called Lancaster Unity.

As one might expect, Lee Barnes has now thrown his toys completely out of the pram:

The simple solution to this problem of the Islamist Lobby groups and the Zionist lobby groups fighting against each other is simple, why dont both the Zionists and the Islamists both piss off out of our country… When blood is being split on our streets by extremists in the name of their respective alien ideologies, then the time has come for the deportations to begin. The place for your insane racial, political, theological and territorial disputes is in the Middle East, not in Britain. Why dont both the Zionists and Islamists just slither back to their respective deserts and leave us to get on with our lives. …

That way we will all be happy – as you wont be here.

Oooh, what a giveaway!

Same leopard. Same spots.