Met Police Wants You To Report “Islamic Extremists”

I see that the Metropolitan police are running the following Google Words advert:


The advert links to this Met Police page. This would never have happened in the days of the pro-Muslim Brotherhood copper, Detective Inspector Bob Lambert!

Personally, I prefer the terminology “Takfiri jihadi”, or “Islamist terrorist” to “Islamic extremist”. A person might have extreme religious views without representing a security threat. “Takfiri jihadi” won’t be well understood. “Islamist terrorists” would be, and is more specific than “Islamic extremists”. Therefore I think I’d prefer “Islamist terrorists” as the title.

I might give the line a call. The British Muslim Initiative have put out a press release threatening me with their legal advisors. Given that they’re a sister organisation to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, I suspect they’re up to no good.