As Nature Intended

There was a celebration of the re-foundation of the State of Israel on Sunday. I missed it, because I was too busy blissing out in the lovely sunshine at Glastonbury.

However, I’m not sure if I’d have gone. Apparently, this counter demonstration was planned:

Meanwhile, another threat was exposed on the JustPeaceUK website, where a Jewish critic of Israel, Deborah Fink, calls for volunteers for a counter-demonstration — a naked bike ride.

Horrible. Just horrible.


Instead of stripping, Ms Fink took other action:

Wearing my short grey, ‘Mad Mel’ wig, I waited on a traffic island, opposite the statue of Eros (as there were less Israel supporters on there), waiting for the parade to approach. As they did, in full operatic voice, I started singing a parody of ‘Happy Birthday’ down my megaphone:

‘Happy birthday to you
I’m ashamed, as a Jew
Ethnic cleansing, apartheid
Unhappy birthday to you’

I don’t think she really needed a wig to give the impression of insanity.