Neo-Nazis protest Jewish film festival in St. Louis

As a former longtime resident of St. Louis, Missouri, it pains me to read about a bunch of neo-Nazis turning out to protest a Jewish film festival there.

Lois Horwitz said she saw the demonstrators as she left the film festival, driving toward Lindbergh from Plaza Frontenac’s parking garage.

Horwitz said her first thought was that the demonstrators were from the MUNY [an outdoor theater that presents Broadway shows], doing promotions for The Producers, a satire whose plot presents a parodic musical about Nazi Germany. When she realized the demonstration was not a parody, she said she was shocked.

(Hat tip to Adam Holland, who provides links to posts promoting the demonstration at the white-nationalist website Stormfront. I hope it will surprise no one that the organizers of the demonstration, the National Socialist Movement, say the demonstration is an opportunity to show “these filthy swine what we think of their ‘culture’ and the terrorist state of Israel.”)