UK Politics

Terror is the ideology

The Telegraph reports:

A schoolboy aged 12 has been identified as an al-Qaeda inspired extremist after sending beheading videos to his classmates, police have disclosed.

Anti-terrorism chiefs have said the example revealed how violent extremism is spreading “like a virus infecting young minds”.

The blonde, white schoolboy from West Yorkshire is among 120 people being dealt with by police in a new anti-terrorism scheme targeting al-Qa’eda inspired youths.

I suppose that there are at least two things to take from this.

Firstly, it should be noted that this boy, according to the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, “is being influenced and intoxicated by the imagery and appeal of Jihadist and other internet violence” without actually buying into the Muslim faith. That such individuals exist is hardly a surprise, for some the blood and hatred is the ideology. The reasons for action are secondary to the action. Terror is the ideology.

Secondly, given other recent arrests, it is clear that young white males are being disproportionately targeted by anti-terror legislation. Given that New Labour wants to extend anti-terrorism legislation until every white male in the country is locked up until proven innocent (or once the police can be bothered to let you out), it makes more sense for white males, who will overwhelmingly face the brunt of this police-state legislation, to vote Conservative. At least the Tories have finally found some balls regarding the erosion of our civil liberties. And yes, I felt slightly sordid saying that. But its worth thinking about – if you’re white, then its not worth voting Labour for the sake of your own security.