Anti Fascism

Nazi Paedophile

Martyn Gilleard was a “paid-up member of the National Front, the White Nationalist Party and the British People’s Party*”. He wanted to start a “racial war”. He wanted to murder Muslims. Now he is going to prison. I expect he’ll declare himself a takfiri jihadi, any time now.  

This is what police found, when they raided his house:

Officers had discovered the four nail bombs under a bed along with “potentially lethal bladed weapons”, 34 bullets for a 2.2 calibre firearm, and printouts from the internet about committing acts of terrorism, Mr Edis told the court.

These had included instructions on how to make a bomb and how to poison someone, he added.

Gilleard also had a close interest in children:

His computer password was Martyn1488 – the 14, according to prosecutor Andrew Edis QC, being a reference to the far-right’s “14 words” slogan, “We must secure the existence of our race and the future for white children.”

The 88, Mr Edis added, represented the eighth letter of the alphabet – an abbreviation for “Heil Hitler”.

The future for “white children”, apparently, involved Gilleard fiddling with himself, while poring over those 39,000 indecent images of them that police found on his computer.

I suspect that a significant appeal of neo-Nazism is that it provides a context within which people can explore their sadistic fantasies. Is anybody suprised that this man also dreamed of hurting children?

(* NB: NOT the British People’s Alliance. That party has only one member, and it is not Mr Gilleard.)