Anti Fascism,  Islamism

It’s the Ideology, Not the Ethnicity, Stupid!

The BBC has an exclusive entitled “Muslim convert “recruits” inmates“:

A former British National Party activist who converted to Islam in prison is trying to radicalise young prisoners, the BBC can reveal.

Inmate Stephen Jones is being held in a segregation unit at Whitemoor Prison, Cambridgeshire, the BBC has been told.

Jones was put there after being suspected of recruiting for groups allied to al-Qaeda.

The case has raised concerns that some radical Muslims are using prisons as a recruiting ground.

The BBC has been told that Jones has been held in segregation at Whitemoor for about three weeks with two other Muslim prisoners.

Sources have told the BBC he was caught attempting to radicalise a number of fellow inmates after he himself converted to Islam.

The BBC understands that intelligence sources believe that he is being paid by an al-Qaeda-influenced group.

It is thought to be the first time that an inmate has been punished by being held in segregation for activities of this kind.

None of this is surprising. I’ve heard stories about “Al Qaeda” recruitment in prisons for some time.  The fact is, Islamism has become the ideology of choice for the vicious, the violent, and the crazy. In the past, people who wanted to give a sense of intellectual structure to their sociopathy, and who needed a subcultural support structure to stave of loneliness, have tended towards neo-Nazism. Now neo-Nazism is finding its members are being poached by the Islamists. Stephen Jones isn’t the first Nazi to become an Islamist: and he won’t be the last.

Take, for example, John Ord. Was in the BNP. Joined Hizb ut Tahrir.

Or David Myatt. Was the “intellectual heavyweight” behind Combat 18, and inspired the Nazi terrorist David Copeland. Now he calls himself Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt, and supports Al Qaeda.

And what about “Sahib Mustaqim Bleher“. Converted to Islam. Became a prison chaplain (!) Is the General Secretary of Dr Mohammed “Dancing Cows” Naseem’s Islamic Party of Britain, and is part of the New Right grouping, alongside Lady Renouf, some BNPers, and assorted other zany types.

We know that those who embrace this ideology go on to attempt to commit terrible crimes. Converts have figured prominently among those convicted of, and awaiting trial for, conspiracies to commit terrorist murders.

Despite all of this, there’s still a tendency in some quarters for people to think of Islamist activity in this country as a politics of resistance against imperialism. They mock the suggestion that there’s any real similarity between Islamism and fascism. They suggest that those who make this case, are actually racists with a hatred of people who are not white.

Here’s Bob Pitt, who used to be employed by Ken Livingstone to attack anybody who pointed out the convergence between Islamists and the far Right, on the subject:

Given the readiness of the increasingly unbalanced David T to label political activists from the Muslim communities as fascists, it’s interesting to see how much common ground he and his friends at HP have with actual fascists.

No doubt, it is a real shock to him to discover that Islamists are recruiting footsoldiers from the ranks of former neo-Nazis, and convicted criminals.