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Pickled Politics: Vote Tory!

Apparently, the problem is related in some way to Labour’s policy on shortlists for parliamentary seats consisting entirely of members of ethnic minority groups. Sunny’s points out that that these shortlists “won’t be exclusively non-white but mixed with women shortlists. In other words a white woman and a black man could both stand under these new hybrid shortlists”.

As a result, and for some reason that isn’t entirely clear to me, Sunny is advising “brown people” to switch to voting Tory:

[G]iven that New Labour wants to extend anti-terrorism legislation until every brown person in the country is locked up until proven innocent (or once the police can be bothered to let you out), it makes more sense for brown and black people, who will overwhelmingly face the brunt of this police-state legislation, to vote Conservative. At least the Tories have finally found some balls regarding the erosion of our civil liberties. And yes, I felt slightly sordid saying that. But its worth thinking about – if you’re brown, then its not worth voting Labour for the sake of your own security. 

Now, I was personally very upset that Labour’s Ken Livingstone was presiding over a cabinet consisting of members of a rival political party, Socialist Action, and was pursuing a set of eccentric and sometimes dangerous policies: including an independent pro-Castro and Chavez foreign policy, allying with Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood politicians, and publicly funding smear attacks on his political enemies and disfavoured minority groups.

However, I don’t think I would ever have urged anybody to vote Tory.

Nevertheless, if Sunny is right, and if Labour is genuinely planning to lock up every person in the country with more than a certain concentration of melanin in their skin, I’d back his call to vote Tory.

Can anybody direct me to the draft legislation which targets “brown people” in this way?

Or is this just a prime example of what blogger Chris Paul calls “link bait”? If so, I’ve bitten.


No, he appears to be serious.