The moonbats are barking

Guest post by Judeosphere

Strap on your tinfoil hats and assume crash positions. It’s time for a moonbat round-up:

• As Gene predicted, some Chavistas are not too happy about Dear Leader’s recent policy reversal on FARC. In a recent interview, James Petras, the author of such opuses as “Rulers and Ruled (Bankers, Zionists and Militants)”, declares, “It’s pure Stalinism, to say that an insurgent group with 40 years of struggle is playing imperialism’s game is pure idiocy.” Petras also reflects on the recent AIPAC conference and continues his obsession with the tremendous political clout wielded by Jewish dentists: “Not a single critical candidate among them, and all the organizations, the dentists, the great financiers supporting the conference, eight thousand middle class Jews, lower-middle class, rich, millionaires, multi-millionaires, showing their power through standing ovations for the most militaristic declarations.”

• Norman Finkelstein also comments upon the AIPAC conference, and continues to indulge in his unique brand of satire:

In a move that shocked his AIPAC audience but which his supporters called “brave,” Barack Obama dropped his drawers to prove that he was Jewish. John McCain immediately issued a statement alleging that he was circumcised first…Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton announced that although as a feminist she opposed circumcision, she would make an exception if it would get her the nomination. “Speaking as her husband,” Bill Clinton said, “I couldn’t care less, but if this is what it takes, heck, I’ll slice off a piece too.”

• And speaking of circumcision (how often do you get to write that transition?) our favorite Talibanette, Yvonne Ridley, continues her strange obsession with politics and male genitalia and offers this commentary on British on Foreign Secretary David Milliband: “Milliband is a gutless, little weasel who lost more than his foreskin when he was circumcised.”