Davis Davis Answers Your Questions

The Spectator’s Coffee House blog is hosting a questions and answer session. They’re picking 10 questions to ask the fellow: and those who are selected will win a gonk which looks like Boris Johnson. Or something.

I’m cheating and asking three questions:

(1) Why do you believe that detention without charge for 28 days does not offend against “fundamental British freedoms”?

(2) You spoke out against “so-called hate laws that stifle legitimate debate”. Does that mean that you would like to see the laws against incitement to racial hatred repealed?

(3) If I were a Tory who thought you were an excellent constituency MP, but who nevertheless supported the 42 day proposal, who should I vote for in the coming election? In particular, how can I make it clear that my vote does not express opposition to 42 days?

Post your own question below, and at the Coffee House.