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Two regimes that wouldn’t be missed


In an article, the New Light of Myanmar condemned “self-seekers exploiting storm victims”.

They were, it said, “shooting video films featuring made-up stories in the storm-affected areas… and sending the videotapes to foreign news agencies”.

“Those foreign news agencies are issuing such groundless news stories with the intention of tarnishing the image of Myanmar (Burma) and misleading the international community,” it said.

The daily also accused reporters of exaggerating the conditions in which victims were living, describing the coverage as “despicable and inhuman acts of local and foreign anti-government groups”.

Watch this BBC report.


The suspension of all field operations by private voluntary organisations (PVOs) and NGOs comes nearly a week after President Robert Mugabe banned some aid agencies from Zimbabwe.

Care International, a UK-based organisation, was forbidden to work after being accused of campaigning for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) ahead of the presidential run-off on 27 June. Care has strenuously denied the accusation.