Boris and the RCP,  Dave Dudley

Defend the Routemaster!

In spite of those here who naturally sneered at my employment with Boris Johnson as his community affairs adviser, I bring good news from City Hall.  Whilst Boris’ cancellation of the Morning Star subscription was regrettable (even if it’s a rag devoted to propping up deformed workers’ states), his staff were thankful to me for spotting piles of copies of Gerry Healy’s biography A Revolutionary Life in one of their cupboards (Giles thought he was the lead singer of Hayzi Fantayzee and left them alone).
It seems I am forced to continue my occasional column at Harry’s Place (aka “bomber command”, according to The Guardian, guffaw!) as my slot at has not yet materialised for some reason (an oversight, surely?), though they continue to allow that bourgeois eco-fascist Ethan to write his column there.  As such, I will allow for my writings to be produced on whatever platform I can bring my case to the enemy, not least since the former publication with which I was associated, Sectarian Worker, has since been hacked and is now being used to display pictures of a truly sexist kind which even the neoconservative tribes who populate this blog would surely wish to avoid looking at in closer detail.  Even the far left is not immune to the degrading imagery and sexism with which the capitalists seek to portray women workers, something even Lindsey German and I could agree on (which is not much these days, I assure you).
I have however long advocated contact with publications with which I am ideologically at odds, only to win over the better elements of the cadre and attract them to a truly revolutionary publication, one which flies in the face of the risk-obsessed capitalist society.  In doing so I have actually discovered more allies in an unusual place, that of the think tank Policy Exchange (not sure of its leanings but it doesn’t seem very New Labour thankfully) and their helpful pamphlet Replacing the Routemaster.
Comrades, the removal of the Routemaster bus from the streets of London was an affront to Marxists the world over, even the reformists of Islington (who’ve lost their number 73) to the deformed petro-socialism of Caracas (who will never know the thrill of falling off the back of a Routemaster as it pulls up Tottenham Court Road).  The hellish marriage of convenience between the Healyite Ken Livingstone and the pathetic orthodox Trotskyism of Socialist Action could only lead to the demise of the iconic socialist public service vehicle.  There’s your “ghastly dehumanised morons” there, Ken! It must be brought back, whatever the cost.
Of course, there are those who point to the lack of commercial viability of a new model Routemaster, who expect me to drop my demands at the sight of a bar chart.  They want me to dilute myself as if I was a bottle of Kiora.  They expect me to get on a bendy-bus or be content with the heritage route ones.  This not enough.  Every single Routemaster sold must be recovered, without compensation, and brought back into service immediately!
Smash imperialism! Overthrow risk aversion! Defend the Routemaster!