Boycott, again

Here’s Eve Garrard:

Because motion 25 was passed, I now belong to a union which is trying to discriminate against those of its Jewish members who don’t think it’s right to single the Jewish state out for punishment over and above far worse polities, or that it’s right to hold it, and it alone, wholly responsible for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I spent yesterday afternoon sitting in a room with a large group of otherwise unobjectionable people, knowing that the great majority of them want in practice to discriminate against their Jewish colleagues. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

Also see Engage

Trade unions are useful things. Workers represented by effective trade unions enjoy better terms and conditions than those who are not. There is no reason that only one union should represent those in Universities, and other educational institutions.

Perhaps now is the time for a new union, for workers who do not want to practice, or encourage, unlawful discrimination.