Dress Down Friday

Serendipitous Books, Unexpected Authors

This is a guest post by Alec Macpherson

As we all know, Tony Benn asks most powerful man whom he meets the following questions:

[*] What power have you got?

[*] Where did you get it from?

[*] In whose interests do you use it?

[*] To whom are you accountable?

[*] How do we get rid of you?

Still, as I learnt from a book which came into the charity bookshop today, there are other questions he could have asked. Such as: what are the future prospects which you expect for Iraq in the field of agriculture and industrial development?

‘Saddam Hussein on Social and Foreign Affairs in Iraq’, a collection of the Old Fellow’s speeches, is a fascinating insight into the workings of the his thinking and plans for Iraq, including “Women, One Half of Our Society” or “The Realistic Approach to the Palestinian Cause”.

So, what is the most serendipitous book or most unexpected author you’ve seen? (And anyone interested in this one? Mr. Dudley?)