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Ken watching Boris, rather him than me

Guest post by modernity

Ken Livingstone was in the City Hall public gallery today watching Boris Johnson’s performance in front of the GLA. Livingstone has a stronger stomach than me.

I’ve given up on watching Boris.

I acquired the BorisJohnsonWatch blog in a fit of activity, I thought it was a good idea at the time, that’s my excuse.

As much as I think that politicians should be kept under scrutiny, I can’t really get too worked up on Boris Johnson.

OK, sure, I dislike that smarmy Etonian air that Johnson has, and I heartily abhor the Tories, except I can’t get enthusiastic enough to cover his every antic and failure, so the BorisJohnsonWatch blog is up for grabs.

I think that monitoring Johnson should be a team effort as it is a soporific task and not something that I would inflict on any one individual.

However, if you (or a team) feel up to it (for 4 long years) and have a reasonable proposal then email me at and we’ll discuss it.