UK Politics

Galloway crushed

Regardless of how you feel about Boris Johnson’s victory over Ken Livingstone, I think most reasonable people can take pleasure in George Galloway’s humiliating defeat in the election for the London Assembly.

His apparent failure to capture more than five percent of the ‘pan London’ Party List vote without even a particularly strong showing in what he thought would be his East End ‘heartland’ raised doubts about whether he could mount a future victorious re-election campaign for Westminster in the Poplar & Limehouse constituency.

The Galloway-led Party List vote was pushed into third place in the City & East constituency, behind Labour and Tories, with around 20,000 votes, just above the BNP.

Ah, but he’ll be back.

…Galloway’s spokesman, Kevin Ovenden, told the East London Advertiser there was “no chance” he would withdraw his candidacy for Poplar & Limehouse with a General Election due in the next two years.

Update: In fact Galloway received 2.43 percent of the London-wide vote, while the SWP’s version of Respect (the Left List) got less than 1 percent.