Making your mind up

I haven’t yet voted today and pretty much all that needs to be said has been said. I’m sure you’ve all made up your minds. Across the Atlantic it is a different story with those who could decide the future of the Democratic nomination having second thoughts about Barack Obama.

The Times reports today that super-delegate Nancy Larson, who two weeks ago came out for Obama, is having second thoughts.

It seems that no matter what Obama does he can not make doubts about his long relationship with the barmy Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and his own comments about “bitter small-town Americans”, go away.

Larson is worried like many Democrats what will happen come November; worried that it will all come back to bite the Democrats in the backside like a Florida alligator.

“Our role is to keep gauging and re-gauging what the public wants. Although I’m comfortable with the decision I made, there is nothing to stop me changing my mind. We have to ask ourselves who will be able to go the distance when it counts in November. We have a big responsibility,” she said.

Larson is just one of the 795 super-delegates who is wondering about whether backing Obama over Hillary Clinton will see their own chickens come home to roost.