“I was just following orders”

“I was just following orders” is what I imagine those officers and personnel responsible for this atrocity must be thinking:

“A terminally-ill cancer patient deported from the UK to Africa died hours before learning of plans to bring her back for private treatment.

Ama Sumani, 39, died on Wednesday after being forcibly removed from a hospital in Cardiff, South Wales, in January and flown back to her native Ghana. Friends said they were on the verge of applying for an emergency visa to allow the mother-of-two to return to the UK for vital treatment.

What type of fucking monster colludes with dragging a terminally ill woman out of a hospital bed, bundling her on a plane, and sending her back to a country with few resources to treat her?

Worse, our Border and Immigration service has defended this barbarity.

Lin Homer, the chief executive of the Borders and Immigration Agency, told MPs that repeated judicial rulings had found that deporting those undergoing medical treatment did not amount to inhumane treatment. She said that this judgment had to be applied even if the patient involved subsequently suffered a “relapse or even fatal consequences”.

Fuck this shit!