UK Politics

Boris Johnson races ahead of Livingstone

The frontpage of the Evening Standard today carries a poll that says Boris Johnson has “soared ahead of Ken Livingstone in the race to be Mayor”.

It says the Tory candidate is 12 points ahead, suggesting many Londoners feel it is time for change.

The YouGov poll has Johnson on 49%, the Mayor on 37% and Liberal Democrat candidate Brian Paddick on 12%.

Despite Johnson being widely pereceived as a joke candidate it looks like all the negative press coveage that Livingstone has received centring on race aide Lee Jasper has taken its toll.

The Standard admits that the findings say more about the view that Livingstone has out-stayed his welcome than they do about the success of Johnson’s efforts to rebrand himself as a serious politician.

If there were a decent alternative to Johnson Livingstone would be finished, but he might just make it as while voting for him is unappealling having Johnson running London would be as good as electing the Monster Raving Loonies (are they available?)