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Counterpunch: a Journal of the Far Right

Counterpunch is a far right publication. It publishes the likes of Atzmon, Cabal and Neumann

Here’s another piece:

Let us not reflect too much on what all this means. How, for example, would the 47-year-old Sapir College student like to know that his death has been far more useful to his State than his life? For in death he provided another pretext to carry out mass murder of the Arab Untermenschen blocking the otherwise pleasant view to the sea in the southeastern Promised Land. His death challenged the Israeli rules of combat: the “We kill and You Die” warfare, the only type allowed by the Neo-Jewish Masters and their allies in the United States who have no intention of making a just peace with the lower forms of life in their midst.The sanctimonious demand that the Qassams must be stopped is a deliberate lie intended to make you forget that the Qassams provide a near fool-proof pretext for grabbing more of Gaza and setting more of it to ruin; and that the Qassams are the result of systematic national torture and evisceration, borne themselves of occupation, caused by it, improved upon by periods of siege, sadism and mass killing.

Peace would require relinquishing regional hegemony. Peace would demand sharing the land and the resources equally. Peace might, heaven forbid, require democratic decision making in a region where the Israelis are not better, more entitled, more deserving of Their Way than everyone else in the neighborhood. Well, sorry, but these are not on Israel’s agenda. The leaders of the hapless Sderot student’s racially pure dreamland are grateful for his dying: Now the angry flames of intolerance can burn on feverishly. Into those flames the bodies of each dead Gazan man, woman or child should be flung, like books, to consecrate the ritual, the burnt offering, of those who owe the latter-day Israelites their Modern Day Zion. In Holy Victimhood shall We Reign Supreme.

Incidentally, Jennifer Loewenstein is the Associate Director of the Middle East Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a member of the board of the Israeli Coalition against House Demolitions-USA branch, founder of the Madison-Rafah Sister City Project and a freelance journalist.

What is a Neo-Jew?

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Keith Kahn-Harris on CiF says:

The problem for supporters of Israel and of Palestine is that the current conflict simply cannot be won. No amount of missiles is going to bring liberation to Palestine. Such assaults solidify Israeli resolve against any kind of concession and any relaxation of the conditions the Palestinians find themselves in. Similarly, fighting back with an iron fist against the militia in Gaza will inevitably cause civilian deaths, create support for the fighters and harden refusals to countenance accommodation with Israel. In a war that cannot be won, one cannot hope for victory. If one cannot hope for victory, then it becomes attractive to flee from reality into the language of peace, of victimhood, of denial of responsibility.

The most helpful response to the current conflict from those who live outside Israel/Palestine would be to build a genuine peace movement. Not a peace movement that ignores the sufferings on one side or that secretly yearns for an impossible military triumph, but one that recognises the pain and the suffering on both sides. A genuine peace movement would march under banners criticising the advocates of senseless warfare and proclaiming empathy for both sides. Nor would the peace movement need to be pacifist, rather it would recognise the futility of this war and take no position on the value of other wars.

Two obstacles to the building of this peace movement immediately suggest themselves. One is the problem of asymmetry: Israel has unquestionably greater military might at its disposal than the Palestinians (albeit the fact that they are vastly outnumbered against the Muslim world as a whole). On the other hand, the Palestinians, at least in Gaza, are ruled by an uncompromising fundamentalist government that makes little secret of its ultimate ambition to destroy Israel, whereas Israel is ruled by an (albeit highly flawed) democratic government that has no desire for full-blown genocide. The responsibilities and the faults of both sides are vastly different and both sides envelop themselves in a culture of righteous victimhood. It will take courage to develop a critique of a situation that is so unbalanced without falling into bickering about where fault lies.

A joint Palestinian-Israel petition is now on the internet begging for a ceasefire in the current conflict. People involved in these kinds of initiatives are the worthy of showing solidarity with, the people whose banners are worth marching under. Rather than supporting an unachievable military solution, we all need a real peace movement that supports hope.

I’m interested to see what sort of response this article gets on CiF.

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