Silly Goose!

“Blimey! Could it have been an underground nuke?”

Tony Gosling is a strange person. His website starts…

“Hi, I’m Tony Gosling, this website’s editor, my contact details are near the bottom of this page. If you have a minute though, do check out why I believe The Bible (not the establishment church) is still the clearest guide to understanding the Godawful mess this world’s in…”

And soon gets to the crunch

” Hey Tony, did the Tribulation begin on September 11th 2001? Will it begin tomorrow or in two thousand years time………? World Government is moving closer all the time – and what’s the chance that it will serve the people? Zero! And hardly anybody tells the public or dares to talk about how totalitarian the European Union is. We could be in for some serious skullduggery in coming years/months. A political/financial crisis, combined with spiritual disinformation could push us into a Fourth Reich, New World Order, with an official world religion that claims to represent ALL religions. This is what Prince Charles is advocating NOW. Powerful people will certainly be preparing their version of a spiritual ‘panacea’ to fill the spiritual gap THEY have created.”

There are more edifying articles like “British Royal family and the antichrist”. Clearly a moonbat. So where do moonbats go?

Well, they assume grand titles like “investigative journalist” and end up as expert contributors to Yvonne Ridley’s TV show for the Islamic Republic of Iran. (Which is where Ridley moved after quitting the Islam Channel after accusing her bosses of sexism. Imagine that!).

Anyway, The Riddler was punting her show on that growing bastion of moonbattery, Indymedia a few days ago. The Agenda, Iran’s State propogandists’ answer to Panorama or Newsnight (they like to think) featured a “debate” between the aforementioned Mr Gosling and David Aaronovitch about whether the 7/7 bombs where a “false flag” operation or not.

Aaronovitch did splendidly, though I question the wisdom of going on such a show and giving credibility to loons like Gosling. Aaronovitch has crossed swords with their ilk before, it has to be said, so maybe it’s a sport.

Watch the whole sideshow on YouTube.

A sample (paraphrased) … Gosling: The State claims the bombers took the 7:40 from Luton, but records show that that train was cancelled. Cancelled! The 7:40 from Luton… never… even… ran!! Aaronovitch: Yes, and those same records show the 7:23 was running late, so is it not possible they took the late 7:23? Like duh!? (Okay, he didn’t actually say the “like duh” but he must have thought it. His point is that conspiracy nuts obsess about minutiae instead of considering the whole body of evidence. The important thing is that the bombers got on the train at roughly 7:40; whether the train was the ‘official 7:40 train’ is neither here nor there… why am I even explaining this, it’s blindingly obvious.)

Or watch this this codswallop if you want more… (Remember, this man is the vice-chair of the Bristol branch of the NUJ. Good grief!)

And now Gosling is back on Indymedia – where else? – with his latest theory. (Though it should be noted that Indymedia’s paranoid community turn on each other with monotonous regularity.)

Yes, folks, the cause of yesterday’s earthquake was covert underground nuclear testing conducted by the MoD at a secret airbase. Gosling has ordinance survey maps and everything to prove it. (sorry, ‘troofers’ don’t prove anything, they “just ask questions”. “Blimey! Could it have been an underground nuke?” he asks, in this instance.)

Well, at least he didn’t ascribe it to “climate change”. He could have been all over Sky News. It’s just bizarre when people can’t accept that earthquakes and floods have happened since, like Heathrow’s third runway claimed its first victim, man. Not every event has human, much less divine, agency behind it.