Tower Hamlets Funds Muslim Brotherhood Front Group

The East London Advertiser reports:

THE British leader of the Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir group will speak after all at a controversial debate tackling extremism in London’s East End.

It follows pressure to reinstate Dr Abdul Wahid, chairman of the UK wing of Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Tower Hamlets council leader Denise Jones said on Monday that the Cordoba Foundation had agreed to cancel its invitation to Dr Wahid.

But by Wednesday, the foundation had changed its mind and reinstated him as a speaker at the debate entitled ‘Has Political Participation Failed British Muslims?’ at the London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel next Tuesday. Cllr Jones, as a result, has ordered that public funding for the event be withdrawn.

But despite repeated questioning, the council has refused to say how much taxpayers’ money has been cut or where it will be redistributed.

The row started last week when it emerged that councillors had been oblivious to a Town Hall official’s decision to grant the Cordoba Foundation £19,000 for a series of debates, one of which involved Dr Wahid and Labour peer Lord Nazir Ahmed. Cllr Jones issued the foundation an ultimatum as soon as she learnt of the invitation,… drop Dr Wahid, whose legal organisation wants to replace democracy with an Islamic state, or lose the funding. After the story appeared in the East London Advertiser, the paper received emails attacking it for the council’s decision to cancel the debate. It has emerged since that the authority also received emails complaining that the event should go ahead so that people could make up their own mind on Dr Wahid’s views.

A Town Hall statement on Thursday said: “The Cordoba Foundation has informed the council that it now feels it is unable to agree to the request to withdraw the invitation to one of the panel members. “This decision unfortunately means the council feels it is no longer able to support this event.”

The foundation had been asked to remove “as far as possible” all reference to the council and Tower Hamlets logos.

But Tory Opposition councillor Tim Archer said it was ‘not good enough’ and has written to the council chief executive. “I acknowledge the council has now withdrawn its public funding for this particular debate,” he said. “But I’m unhappy it is still supporting a foundation that thinks it’s sensible to invite Hizb ut-Tahrir to address our youngsters. “It shows a real lack of leadership from the council who seem to want to appease a small minority. “Hizb ut-Tahrir is virtually a banned organisation in this country. Gordon Brown has already said he is reviewing its current status. ”

He added: “Tower Hamlets would never have anything to do with an event where the BNP was asked to speak. “So why is it not distancing itself further from an event where a virtually banned organisation is due to speak? “It smacks of political correctness and a real lack of courage to tackle difficult issues.

“The Cordoba Foundation should be told it will receive no funding if this event goes ahead, not in our name.”


What is the Cordoba Foundation doing receiving public money, in any case?

The Cordoba Foundation is a one man band, run by Anas Al Tikriti. Al Tikriti and “Kaboom” Tamimi were the double act behind the Muslim Association of Britain: the UK franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Tamimi, who is Hamas’ Special Envoy, went on to form the Institute of Islamic Political Thought. Both now run the British Muslim Initiative.

Al Tikriti is one of the most important Muslim Brotherhood officials in the United Kingdom.

So, what is Tower Hamlets doing handing £19,000 of public money over to a Muslim Brotherhood front organisation, controlled by this man? Which “town hall official” authorised this payment in the first place? Did they know that the Cordoba Foundation is a Muslim Brotherhood front organisation? My guess is that they did.

Hizb ut Tahrir’s involvement is a red herring. The main argument between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb ut Tahrir is whether Islamists are permitted – theologically speaking – to participate in elections, in order to create a authoritarian Caliphate. Hizb ut Tahrir say no. The Muslim Brotherhood say yes. However, both parties wish to create a nightmarish Iranian style theocracy, and in which women and non muslims would be barred from holding senior positions, in which clerics would have the right to over-rule Parliament.

The argument between HuT and the Muslim Brotherhood is about tactics: not goals. Both are birds of a feather.

So, let’s see who else will be speaking at this event:

First Muslim Peer
[Who invited the neo Nazi “Israel Shamir” to speak in the House of Lords, and who complained that the south Asian clerical fascist party, Jamaat-e-Islami, had been excluded from participation in an inter-faith conference)

Human Rights Lawyer
[Who describes himself elsewhere as “Master of Kuffar Laws”, who signed a fatwa issued by Omar Bakri Mohammed declaring war on the US and the UK, who acted for Omar Bakri Mohammed’s front group, the Society of Muslim Lawyers, and who was also a “legal observer” for the banned jihadist group, Al Muhajiroun.

Muslim activist and writer
[Scottish blogger, and Muslim Brotherhood activist]

Is anybody able to tell me how this group ended up in possession of thousands of pounds worth of public money?