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Why Hasn’t Gordon Brown Banned “Hizbollah Spokesperson” From the United Kingdom

Here’s a poster for a public meeting by the Stop the War Coalition, which will take place next Thursday at the Friends Meeting House.

It features Ibrahim Mousawi, who is billed on the poster, in English, as the “Editor of Hizbollah newspaper Al-Intiqad”.

However, in Arabic, Mousawi is described as “Editor of Magazine “Intiqad” and spokesperson for Hizbullah

So now it is clear. He’s not simply a journalist: he’s also the acknowledged spokesperson for Hizbollah.

Yes, I know that Cameron has been agitating for a ban on Mousawi, but that’s no reason not to do it.

For that matter, why are the Quakers hosting a public meeting with a man who is not simply a pro-Hizbollah journalist, but now the spokesman for the fascist paramilitary organisation which last week declared open war on “Zionists”? Given that the speech was delivered at the funeral of Moughniyah, a man who was the subject of an unexecuted arrest warrant issued by Argentina for the terrorist murder of which killed 124 men, women and children, I think it is fair to assume that the “Zionists” who are in the Hizbollah firing line are those living in any country in the world, including the United Kingdom.

I’m told by DaveM that “بلش الحرب ” is slang for “Start the War”. Perhaps they can change their name to “بلش الحرب”, for their pro-Hizbollah audience.

Gene adds: I wouldn’t be so quick to doubt Mousawi’s commitment to peace. After all he recently posted a photo on the Al-Intiqad website of some Hezbollah antiwar activists flashing the “peace sign.”

peace sign.jpg

(Hat tip: davem.)